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The beginning.
The Roman Empire's people supposed that China is the country where beautiful people lived and produced the soft silk.
The connection.
Although both civilizations, Roma in the west and China in the east, had an inkling of each other, the direct contact did not occur due to hardship natural environment between them. However, intermittence contact had been made via small countries located in the middle.
How "The Silkroad" was created.
In 2 B.C., Janggeon who was ordered from Wu Di (Muje), emperor of Han (One of ancient China's countries) explored up to the outside of India for the first time. Due to that, safer route which could be connected with each other had been opened. Via that road, the Chinese silk began to flow to Roma in Europe.
The road that Janggeon had exploited was called 'SilkRoad' by the posterity.
It was crowded with a lot of people including adventurers who mooned over the new world, merchants who made a fortune for a stroke and heroes who contrived the territorial expansion. The road opened by Janggeon's small steps was regarded as the dawn of the new world to realize their respective dreams in the mixture of desires of various people.
When the incident happened.
Tang (One of ancient China's countries) fell into disorder by Anroksan Rebellion and in the Arabian area, Islam occurred and set up Islam Empire under the slogan of 'the sword in one hand and the Koran in the other hand', and the conquest war under the cloak of Allah was in full swing. Besides, in Europe, the confused times showed up after West Roma had been collapsed.
These troubled times…
The peaceful hand to protect the Silkroad could be naturally neglected and outlaws who tyrannized over many travelers appeared. The Silkroad became in the turmoil of disorder…
The beginning
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